Friday, 23 January 2009


the arena was disgusting : I couldnt go in the front because it was jam packed, i hate the jumping so i went in the sunken. There was literally one strip i could use. haha. luckily it had a grid up.
Paddy does make me laugh at how he hates boggy areas, and just stops and snorts at them. He's a daft thing :) but i hate his new trick, he spins round and bucks. Grrr!
and i do love how brave he is at jumping at times :) i lowered the grid and with the last upright put the white ladder filler thing laying under it and he jumped it first time :) he's so times.
i have a lesson tomorrow : i seriously dont want it. aha. never do!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Just Quickly

please can you leave a comment if you read this?
thank you!!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

It's a long month..

Okay, so i dont know whether i said this friday but im going to have to work really hard with pea over the next month. Its going to be tiring, fustrating and painful. Already is. But hopefully (fingers crossed) it will be well worth it.

So yesterday i was going to do some jumping but the ground was balling up in his feet after 5 mins of lunging so decided against it and went for a little hack instead with my dad on foot. He was alright, didnt want to go up the road but once he got on the grass he was fine. And then he spooked at the flags so needed help to cross the road.

Today i was going to do some jumping after failing yesterday but the pea was in a right group. Think hes trying to be tired. He tried to kick me when i first asked him to go on the lunge, then he didnt want to canter. Then he was finally good, i got on him and he walked nicely but because it was incredibly windy he decided to spook at everything and wouldnt go any faster than a walk before stopping completely. So fiona popped on board and he argued but then went fine. And then i get back on and he tried it on, then walked everywhere. Fiona had to go to work, so i was left on my own extremely fustrated so i put paddy on the lunge and gave him a right telling off and then i got on and he tried it on again so i growled a lot and finally got a bit of trot and canter so left it there. God there's going to be a lot of work in the jumping arena. Haha.

And just to let you know, the 6 month video will be a bit late cause i want more footage. But i am in the process of making 'a new start' video :)


Friday, 9 January 2009

Add 2 more.. the fall off list. Now its a total of 8 in 6 months. I guess that's alrightish, but im not used to falling off so much!

well after neglecting my pony all week :( i had a lesson today. He was going soo nicely, but because he has no fitness levels, he decided enough was enough and got me off twice as well as running out the arena with me. but i was happy with him, he did do well but now i have to stop letting him think he can get away with things and do some serious work with him so that hopefully in a month things will start to click in place :)

:D might take him on a walk trot hack sunday if the grounds okay to get him fitter. he needs to be for the show schedule and work schedule im hoping for this year!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

No One Reads This

and so I am going to have a rant about my pony..again

There will be a 6 month video which will contain some stuff :\

Anyway, I actually had another meltdown but I haven't had one in a while tbh. He just would not do anything and I wondered why I bought him. Why have I had to go through 6 months of hard work and fustration and still have all this fustration and anger? Clearly it's me if 'he works fine with fiona' My confidence is at a serious low now, I daren't argue or smack because of the consequence. I haven't fallen off in 3 months and I don't want to and that's why I daren't smack him. I built the confidence up to smack him on the bum. I did that twice but it took courage and since thursday I have lost confidence when he bucked about 5 times and I didn't even smack him. I can hardly vary his work because I am so nervous :( I thought we had come so far I take it I was wrong?

There's millions more I could write, but I think I would get really upset :\