Saturday, 29 November 2008

Lost shoe..

I bring the pea in full of hopes of doing a bit of groundwork and flatwork when i realise he has lost a shoe :

So instead i walked round the arena with him following, changing the jump for my friend and then walked round bareback a bit.

Hopefully we will jump tomorrow if he is sound and the ground is soft. If not then it's more groundwork :

Also i have finally put the dressage video up:

Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Pea does Polework

Well actually he didn't. He was too busy being in a grump and decided bucking was a far better sport which ended up with us still huffing and puffing in the rain. And unfortunately for Paddy - he got just as soaked so he plan didn't work.

We did finally get round the arena once, over the poles once - though he cheated and didn't do them properly - and a canter when my dad decided he had had enough of the rain as well :)

So, Paddy got his food but no carrots, and we will have to try again on sunday when we jump. But the agenda for saturday is ground work (hopefully) and then a good flatwork session which may last a couple of hours after tonights performance... And i had planned a hack which I have decided may end up as a walk round the pony field...

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Our First Entry

Okay seeing as Paddy has been my hardest pony and we are making improvement everyday I decided to make a blog rather than failed websites. I may also feature some of Tinsel, my other horse, though seeing as she is on loan it will be rare :)

Sorry if my blog seems to be a bit boring but I need to learn how to use this thing!

I have a youtube where i regularly post videos:

Okay. Now for the brief with Paddy :)
I got him on July 11th 2008. Well actually, I didn't get him until the 12th as I was in France when my parents went and picked him up and they never told me :) On the 15th he had the saddler so he hadn't been ridden since I got him and although I knew about his bucking, that was the day I truly found out the hard work. He bucked so much and it was completely bad habits :( So there were plenty of bucks, lunging, tears, fustration, anger, rears, fly bucks, pain, falls and we are still together - 4 months later :) It has truly been the most difficult 4 months of my life but I am so thankful to my instructor, fiona, my parents and numerous people on the yard who have urged me on no matter what. Infact, his new trick of 'skipping' (mini rear, huge buck, mini rear constantly until I get him to move forwards nicely) is hardly bothering me.

We did our first dressage on the 16th November and although it was only out of 6, we came 3rd and I was so proud because it was his first ever and all the others have done dressage many times before and have not had the problems we have had :)

So thats my little monkey!

Tinsel is my 16hh tb mare who is on loan as a broodmare. She is currently pregnant and has done racing & polo :) She is extremely highly strung as was regularly rearing when lead but now she is a lot calmer apparenty and the stallion is truly gorgeous!