Friday, 20 February 2009

Silly Pony =D

So i do happen to love my horse, even though we were considering selling him because he was being an idiot all week.
I cant remember if I told you about our hack on sunday, though i think i did :)

So yesterday (thursday) i had a lesson and i was dreading it, but he was a rather good boy. I rode on the lunge to start with and practised bending him and smacking him when he starts to slow down. He was a very good pony, and we rode off the lunge as well. He got rather excited when we were going from walk to trot and got very responsive - haha.

Today i took him on a little hack. No one was around so we had to go on our own, something new for the pea. He set of all happy, and we trotted along past his field before he got tired. So we walked and then got to the corner to go along the straight and he point blanked refused, determined that i was either going to ride him home or he would throw me off. So instead i led him alll the way along the straight : then got on to go down the hill, just for him to muck about again, even though he was nearly home sort of :S So i led him again, then when i got back on we cantered up the hill, and then trotted all the way down the road and he kept trying to canter. So much for not meaning to do too much on the road in case he goes lame : ah well.

Got a jumping clinic tomorrow. Im well scared! haha!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Hackk :)

Well i am not going to go into all the details of how Paddy has been going cause it hasnt been good tbh. He had 10 days off with the snow as well so..

But yesterday i decided to go for a little hack with Fiona and Jaffa. I was a bit unsure what to expec because Jaffa can be a little excitable but Paddy was all good. He was plodding along happily and stopped each time Jaffa had a naughty moment and either span round or banged into Paddy. Haha. And the time he spooked at a snowball so Paddy stood still for a minute until Jaffa got past it and then Paddy walked past it with his spooky face on - only he didnt know what he was meant to be spooking at. Haha. And then we met the shetlands. And Paddy truely does hate the shetlands. He arched all up, his head high in the air so i jumped off and although Jaffa had gone ahead fine, Paddy really wouldnt. I couldn't lead him past them cause he was trying to shoot off everytime they moved. His tail was high almighty in the air and he was snorting non stop. Haha! He makes me laugh. So Fiona had to dismount and come along to Paddys rescue :) haha. And then later on we tried a trot and paddy let out a huge buck. Not happy. And then dwn the road we were trotting and Paddy coughed so he could pull the reins and go faster. Daft bat. And then Fiona and Jaffa nearly got ran over because Jaffa decided not to budge off the road and trotted straight towards a car. Haha made me laugh so much :)

So the pea was good yesterday and thats been all the good work hes done. Might take him for a hack again tomorrow if i can get him out or have another argument in the arena. Tbh idk what is going to happen with him. :

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Not posted for a while.

Well we havent done loads. Last tuesday he was really naughty and reinjured my shoulder, so on thursday i could only lunge and he was a good boy.

Saturday i had a lesson and he was awful to lunge and just refused, even my instructor couldnt get him to lunge! So i rode him and he was very good, though he had an over exaggerated bucking fit and i fell off! He tried to run off but i quickly got him and got straight back on and he was very good.

Sunday he was reallly really naughty. The person who helps me with him got on him first and he had a huge bucking fit with her - which he doesnt do - and she 'fell off' then got kicked by him. We are going to talk to my instructor and maybe get someone like a physio to look at him if needs be.

And i havent been up since sunday and fiona hasnt been abl to ride him either because of the snow. Though i did take a walk over for some pictures today :)

Also a new video on youtube with pictures and a video of my cat :) in the snow.