Monday, 30 March 2009

Getting There :)

Yes yes, i have forgotten to blog in a while so as usual i have forgotten where i was.

Well last sunday I had my lesson which I was rather nervous about because the day before I asked for trot and he just stopped and did his new trick of mini rear, buck and spin all at the same time : But luckily he was extremely well behaved in my lesson and didnt buck once :D We did some leg yielding, which i think he is finally starting to get the hang of and also some figures of 8 in canter with simple changes through walk and trot to try and get him a bit calmer with his canter, though that didnt seem to happen too well. Haha :)

Tuesday was both good and bad. He started off being naughty so i rode on the lunge for a short bit, then took him off and he was very good and we practised the figures of 8 again and he soon calmed down. I decided at the end to do some leg yielding but Paddy thought he was finished so argued a lot causing him to have to be put back on the lunge cause he wouldnt let me ride on the lunge, so we did that, popped back on and then got a bit though he decided to act like he didnt know what to do. Silly pony.

Thursday I just lunged because the arenas were being used so the only free one was the one that has no fencing due to it being re-done. He was a good boy once he got started, but it took a while to get started in the first place :(

Saturday was rather windy and also jumpcross was on and he was right at the back of the field, and then wheni got him to the gate he saw jumpcross and ran off : Honestly, i do rather dislike him at times! I finally got him in and was not looking forward to riding seeing as the last time i rode in the wind he just messed around cantering off bucking and spooking at everything. But he was rather good because i decided to do some jumps seeing as a nice height was up for us :) He was a very good boy, a bit forward going but that was more due to not jumping in 2 weeks and cause it was windy so i was happy :)

Sunday we went on a hack with fiona and jaffa :) He was perfect, he even walked past the dreaded shetlands. Well this time they didnt come running and jaffa walked between paddy and the monsters so he was safe, though he did keep looking at them :) Then we had a long trot, followed by a long canter, then a long trot again because he didnt want to stop haha :)

Sunday, 22 March 2009

It's all coming together

Well yesterday i didnt think so. I hadnt ridden all week cause of coursework and stuff, though he had still been worked. And then i get on him and he walked nicely, very enthusiastically so i decided it was time for a trot. But no. That wasn't on the agenda. He leapt in the air, bucking and spinning all at the same time. I was so scared and i dont see how i managed to stay on tbh. I wish i had got it on camra. So i decided to get off and lunge, then i got back on and he was a bit better so we popped over a cross pole. The first time he zoomed off but the second time he did it a lot better. I think its the spring grass :(

Then today i had my lesson. To say i was scared is an understatement. But i got on and he was perfect all the way through and didnt buck once. We did some leg yielding on a circle, changes of rein cause we rush through them and then some figures of eight in canter with changes through walk and trot :)

He is losing sooo much hair at the moment :( And he has been out in a light weight all week and made the most of that, then last night i turned him out without a rug and he had a good old role and got filthy, though luckily some seemed to have disappeared cause he weren't too bad today :)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Combined Training

Well i did the combined training at the yard yesterday (15 March) and he was alright :)

In the dressage we came last which was as expected but i was still very pleased with him. He was a bit too keen so wouldnt soften much and my riding was appalling. We made tons of mistakes on accuracy like you are meant to canter, then trot at k and walk at A and we only just managed to go from canter to walk at F haha. ah well :) it was only his second.

Then i decided to do 2ft clear round, his first sj comp and I was very proud of him. We had one down which was my fault because he got too excited so we didnt make the turn then i didnt get a good line. Ah well i was extremely happy and he got a rossette saying 'oops' (Y) haha.

im in the process of making a video :)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Warmer Weather = Better Pony

Haven't blogged for a short while, whoops!
So i don't remember the last time i blogged but i'll go from my lesson last wednesday!

He has been going so well at the minute, so we reckon that he was naughty cause of the cold weather. Silly pony. Last wednesday he was amaze in my lesson. As per usual, he wouldn't lunge until charlotte chased him a bit. Then i rode him on the lunge and he started lacking in his trot so i smacked him and he helpfully gave me a bucking fit in canter. Daft pony! But he was very good, even when we were off the lunge. He did have another stroppy moment near the end cause he thought we had finished because i got off to mount again to practise my assessment and then when i asked for trot he mucked around before barging out the arena again :

Thursday and Saturday he wasn't behaving so we won't go there. haha!

Sunday I had my academy lesson. I was aprehensive because it was a group so I didn't know how he would behave. I fell off within the first 5 minutes cause he had a right strop and my leg swung over his back and I knew it would hurt to keep my leg in the stirrup so i let it fall. But for the rest of the lesson he was rather good :) He did have to get chased occassionally but that was too be expected. He got rather excited in his canter and when we did poles haha. And then jumping he was alrightish. Still needs improvement! And then we went to jump and upright and as I nudged him into trot he got excited and cantered off bucking with excitement, we went over a jump we weren't meant to and then he tripped over and so i fell off. And then as he got up he scratched me slightly on my back. Luckily nothing serious just a bit of pain, so i walked round on him for a bit before doing the upright.

Hoping to do some competitions soon :) And a video at some point!